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Cindy Rae Mogil-Cooley

Press Release:

Meet Cindy Rae Mogil-Cooley: Author/Rx and OTC Addiction Recovery Coach On a Mission!

May 5, 2020

As an author and a professional prescription (Rx) and Over-The-Counter (OTC) addiction recovery coach, Cindy Rae Mogil-Cooley is on a mission to help as many people as possible.  Her book, Swallowing A Bitter Pill: How Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drug Abuse is Ruining Lives – My Story, includes not only her backstory, but real stories of pill addictions from people in all walks of life.  In 1998 she launched “Prescriptions Anonymous,” the first support group for aftercare treatment of prescription and over-the-counter drug abusers in the United States.  And if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she is also an advocate and key-note speaker to healthcare professionals, and state legislatures with state Opioid Task Forces.  As she likes to remind people, “My mission is to reach millions of people who are still afflicted with pill addiction, using my voice of comfort, recovery coaching and exposing pill addictions nationally.”

Cindy’s desire to educate, support and save lives became a priority in her own life.  “Since my own recovery in 1998, I have worked hard to help a problem that continues to plague our nation and world.  My own story, I truly believe, has allowed my gift of creative communication to shine and inspire others,” she said.

As an addiction and recovery coach, she strives to be the best she can be for her clients.  “The reward of sharing solutions through my recovery coaching programs is a gift I will continue to use for as long as I can.”
The whole concept of pill addiction was very misunderstood in the 70s, but as the years went on, it was slowly becoming an epidemic with far reaching consequences.  “I am the only author that has written a book to include not only prescription medications, but over-the-counter medicines as well.  At many of my speaking events people will come up to me afterwards to thank me for writing a much-needed book on the subject.  I have grateful families telling me my book answered so many questions, and showed them where to go for rehab help and aftercare recovery coaching services.”

She decided to offer the addiction and recovery services in 1998 when she saw there was an increased interest from treatment facilities and aftercare treatment clients seeking more than what a 12-step meeting had to offer. “With a pill addiction recovery coach and the client, you build a recovery program that works with their job schedule, events, activities and boundaries set by the coach and families.  Statistics show with recovery coaching, a client finds life-long lasting recovery, and few relapses, if any.”

Cindy believes that there has been so much hype about the Opioid Crisis that many people don’t realize that prescribed and over-the-counter medications can be as addictive and deadly.  “People think that if we take painkillers off the market that pill addiction will be better, but that is a false sense of hope. People addicted to Opioids will simply switch to another form of the drug; black market or other mood-altering prescription. 

“When I sign my book, I sign it as: Paying-It-Forward with a simple step.  This is what I feel I do every day for others, and only ask in return to share my book and refer others to Prescriptions Anonymous for pill addiction recovery services.”


Contact Information: Cindy Rae Mogil-Cooley - (239)-341-3441 (office)

Book is available through this website (below) or bookstores worldwide

ISBN # 978-0-578-55485-3

$19.95, 313pp




Swallowing A Bitter Pill: 2019 second edition now available for purchase. 

Cindy Mogil-Cooley's story of addiction to prescription and over-the-counter drugs, treatment rehabilitation, relapse, and current long-term recovery since 1997 is an engaging narrative in itself, but her tale goes far beyond her happily-ever-after with two decades of prescription recovery. Our nation struggles with the deadliest addiction crisis in our history. Cindy's prescription addiction knowledge, experience, and energy are having a national impact on a misunderstood disease called pill-addiction. A must-read for anyone seeking help from Opioid and other pill addictions; reaching lifelong recovery.

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Official Review of Swallowing A Bitter Pill


In 2017, 70,237 people in the United States died of a drug overdose. This is an alarming figure, and people like Cindy Mogil-Cooley have taken it as a call to action. In her book, Swallowing A Bitter Pill, she provides shocking statistics, personal stories, tips, hints, and countless resources for people facing all different stages of addiction and recovery.

Included in this book are several personal stories from Cindy Mogil-Cooley as well as other addicts and their family members. One person that stuck out to me was Shawna. From a young age, she would claim to be in pain resulting in unnecessary surgical procedures to feed her developing addiction to prescription pills. Throughout the text, Shawna explains her addiction from beginning to end. Later, her husband tells his side of the story, including the effect that her addiction had on their family. He also discusses the way that his faith (coupled with professional help) saved his wife and their marriage. Reading about these people made me feel like I was in a group therapy session, and I was genuinely happy for them when things turned out alright.

Swallowing A Bitter Pill is a self-help book for people struggling with addiction, particularly to prescription pills. As someone who suffers from such a disease, I can honestly say that I wish I'd picked up this book three years ago when I began my journey to recovery. The content was a bit monotonous at times, but the personal narratives brilliantly enhance the otherwise dull text.

One thing I liked about this book was in the "Relapse" chapter. The author explores some of the common triggers that result in relapse. The biggest one, for me at least, was cravings. Mogil-Cooley describes a tool used to overcome this trigger, which is to remember the acronym, DEADS. DEADS stands for Delay, Escape, Accept, Dispute, and Substitute. The author explains how to use each of these strategies in order to cope with the urges and continue to abstain from drugs and alcohol. This is something I won't soon forget and will continue to share with friends who are still battling with their addiction.

Another noteworthy part of the book discusses how an addict can explain to their children what is happening when they are entering treatment. Typically, an addict will stay in a facility for a week, minimum. Naturally, their children will wonder where they went. Mogil-Cooley suggests being upfront with your children. The kids will then see that it is brave to admit when you have a problem and that it is okay to ask for help when it is needed. Also, they will hopefully see that drugs are very bad! I did not have children at the time of my drug use, but I do believe that if I had, I would have handled it this way.

Swallowing A Bitter Pill is 271 pages long and has a 42-page appendix which includes FAQ for addicts and their relatives, as well as a list of Substance Abuse and Mental Health programs for every state in the U.S. In terms of quality, Cindy Mogil-Cooley did a fabulous job of formatting, organizing, and editing the text. I only found three errors, leading me to believe that this was professionally edited. I would highly recommend this resource to anybody affected by addition. There was nothing to dislike about it. I am elated to award Swallowing A Bitter Pill with 4 out of 4 stars.


Dear Ms. Mogil-Cooley,
I just finished reading your 2019 new book “Swallowing a Bitter Pill”. It was like I was reading an autobiography of myself. My family and husband read your book also and found so many answers to questions about living with a recovering pill addict and gaining knowledge through support groups for family guidance on how to reconnect all of us after my treatment in rehabilitation; rebuilding trust through support and not trying to “fix me”. It was comforting to know that there are questions, concerns and deep feelings exactly like mine throughout your book.

I feel as though your book has given me EVEN MORE determination in my recovery!
Pueblo, CO




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