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Moving beyond death, divorce and other losses.

The only evidence-based action program to recover from loss and heal your broken heart.

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Most of us were taught myth lines about dealing with grief and none of them helped...

Just Give It Time

Keep Busy

Be Strong

Replace the Loss


Grieve Alone

Incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on the capacity for happiness

Myths About Loss

When things we hoped would last, fall apart...

Friends tell us to:

"Look on the bright side."

"There are other fish in the sea."

"He/She wasn't good enough for you."

"Feel better."

But we can't see the bright side.

We don't want to date anyone else.

We don't want to start over.

We want to heal and don't know how.

Relationship Loss
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Healing After Addiction Loss...

The circumstances of the death do not take away the fact that this was a person who was valued and loved.

Emotions after a loss from a loved one’s addiction

is overwhelming: “I Feel…”

Stigma from Society

We want to heal and don’t know how.


Contact RX Anonymous to learn more...


Addiction Loss

Grief Recovery From Pet Loss…

Losing a Pet Is One of Life's Hardest Events

Family and friends don’t always know what to say after a pet loss:

“So, when are you getting another pet?”
“It was just a dog/cat (hamster, bird, etc.)”
“It’s not like you lost a family member.”
“You need to move on.”
“Your pet was very old, it was just his time.”
“Maybe you should’ve…”


“We feel empty without our family pet. How do we heal our broken hearts?”

Pet Loss
About Cindy
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Cindy Rae Cooley

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist Logo

Life doesn't always give us happy endings when losses happen suddenly or unexpectedly from death, divorce or addiction loss.

The Grief Recovery Method (GRM) experience was life-changing for me and gave me the guidance I needed to heal my broken heart and spirit from past personal PTSD experiences living with grief and losses for several years.

I'm grateful to have found an evidenced based program that works to heal losses and now teach others how to recover from their own broken hearts that worked for me and will for you.

As a Grief Recovery Specialist, I will gently guide you through any of the 40+ grief losses you feel are unfinished and unspoken relationships from your life.


Request an in-house or Virtual Zoom information session to see what Grief Recovery Method can do for you or your family.

Download this valuable eBook for FREE...


  • The best grief definition anywhere.

  • Typical responses associated with grief.

  • How to know if you’re incomplete with a loss.

  • Reasons why The Five Stages of Grief are a myth.

  • Plus 50 other nuggets of practical wisdom about grief.

Inside you will find:

Calm Sea
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Recovery is Possible

The Grief Recovery Method has Steps that you can take to heal from 40 significant life events. A Grief Recovery Method Specialist is not to eliminate all pain or memories of a loss. The goal is to reorganize one's life, so the loss is an important positive part of your life rather than its negative painful center impacting your life and happiness.

Individuals who prefer to meet face to face will help you attain the tools that you need to process all your grief-related emotions with the goal being to regain a sense of hope and purpose in life. This program meets once a week in-person or virtual Zoom for an hour that utilizes the same proven materials as the group programs in a more private setting

In group sessions, classes of 4 up to 15 people meet for 2 hours once a week, for 8 weeks. Step-by-step you will learn what actions are required for healing. You will have an opportunity to talk privately about your own pain and you will hear others talk about theirs. You will see that all of us hurt and most of us were misinformed about what to do about it. You will learn why the things you were taught about pain and grief haven’t been working for you.

Together we will work through the Grief Recovery Method until you have cleared up, one painful situation in your life. You will learn skills that really work, and you will walk away with the experience to do it again, any time you feel pain. By participating in individual or group work, you will have the added benefit of connecting with others who understand the process and can support you in years to come.

Purchase SWFL Grief Recovery Programs

Please contact Cindy to help with your program selection.

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

When you want to feel better but don't know how...

schedule a free confidential information session.

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