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Our founder, Cindy Rae Mogil-Cooley/Author/Key-Note Speaker/Rx Recovery Coach, started Prescriptions Anonymous in 1998 after receiving treatment for her prescription and over-the-counter addictions. While receiving treatment in 1997 she discovered that there wasn’t a specific prescription addiction support group or website access in her home state or nationally for those seeking support for individuals and families afflicted with a potentially deadly and; often misunderstood disease of pill addiction. Cindy became the first to openly speak out 22 years ago to the public on prescription addictions and also adds over-the-counter addictions which can be as addictive and deadly but little has been discussed; until now.

Cindy created her website for Opioids and other addictive prescriptions including over-the-counter addictions for individuals and families in either active or in aftercare recovery. She guides others toward recovery through addiction recovery coaching programs and resources to find rehabilitation and mental health facilities. Mogil-Cooley services include light support to 8-12 week programs or longer; structured for the recovering individual and family recovery coaching services, sober event and transport companion. She and most people new to recovery believe the hardest part of staying in recovery is upon returning home after release from a detox rehabilitation facility. Addiction Recovery Coaching has been proven that the risk of relapse is greatly reduced when working with a coach for ongoing support, guidance, action and goal settings plans are in place so that the individual becomes accountable for their own long-term recovery.


From 2001-2003; Cindy was a lobbyist in Atlanta, Georgia, Washington DC and Alexandria, Virginia in support of electronic monitoring systems to be used for controlled dangerous substances requiring data to be transmitted in an electronic format prohibiting unauthorized individuals who receive the data from providing the information to anyone else. She continues her efforts by receiving her credentials as a nationally certified addiction recovery coach and family recovery coach both locally and nationally. She continues to speak out on controlled substance and OTC addictions.  Her new second edition novel released 11/2019 “Swallowing A Bitter Pill, How Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drug Abuse is Ruining Lives." Now available through this website, Amazon, B&N, and Cindy's first novel was published in 2001 was nominated for the best non-fiction self-help book in its category. Available in paperback and Kindle e-book, sold nationally and internationally. 

Cindy Mogil-Cooley has been published and interviewed in multiple media journalists, radio, healthcare magazines, and TV. She lectures to healthcare professionals, treatment rehabilitation facilities, law-enforcement on the misuse and abuse of prescription addiction including her own story. Cindy has become a leader in the healthcare profession and devotes her time to educate others with prescription and over-the-counter addictions.

With her qualifications, leadership, and experience her mission is to reach the millions of people who are still afflicted with pill addiction dis-ease using her voice of comfort, coaching guidance, support, and understanding.

Contact her today to learn more about Cindy’s experience in recovery, how she can help you find and stay in recovery;  and her efforts to continue to help others.

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Swallowing A Bitter Pill: 2019 second edition now available for purchase. 

Cindy Mogil-Cooley's story of addiction to prescription and over-the-counter drugs, treatment rehabilitation, relapse, and current long-term recovery since 1997 is an engaging narrative in itself, but her tale goes far beyond her happily-ever-after with two decades of prescription recovery. Our nation struggles with the deadliest addiction crisis in our history. Cindy's prescription addiction knowledge, experience, and energy are having a national impact on a misunderstood disease called pill-addiction. A must-read for anyone seeking help from Opioid and other pill addictions; reaching lifelong recovery.

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Hello Ms. Cooley, Thank you for introducing me to your website recently. I have been in recovery from multiple addictions for 36 years and finding a resource specific to prescription drug dependence was a welcome sight. Having associated with many recovering addicts and alcoholics for years I assert that information on your website can be especially helpful with the increase in opiate prescription drugs we are currently witnessing. Best wishes with your program. Best wishes to anyone utilizing this and any other resource that helps one find a way out of addiction.




Daniel S

Naples, FL

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