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We form strengths-based non-traditional support for people with addictions from Opioids and other prescribed medications, alcohol abuse, over-the-counter medicines, family codependency, or other addictive behavioral abuse. We work with people with active addictions, as well as aftercare recovery coaching at-home. Recovery coaches are helpful for making decisions about what to do with one's recovered life after addiction and the part their addiction or recovery played in it. We coach clients in creating solutions to stop prescription addiction by reducing the harm associated with addictive behaviors. Our recovery coaches help clients find resources for detox, inpatient rehabilitation treatment facilities, local and online support meetings. Clients and coaches together create goal-setting, activities and action planning they feel comfortable working with and more confident to stay in recovery on their own. Healthcare professionals encourage clients to work with recovery coaches for aftercare as part of outpatient treatment and recovery coaching. The cost of hiring a prescription recovery coach costs substantially less than returning to the treatment facility and the emotional effects relapse can have on a client and their family.

Recovery coaches do not offer primary treatment for addiction, do not diagnose, and are not associated with any particular method or means of recovery. We support any positive change, helping persons coming home from treatment to avoid relapse, or work on life goals not related to addiction such as relationships, work, or education. 

Recovery Coaching Service Packages:

Spot Recovery Coaching: 30-minute one-time phone or email support coaching

Moderate Support Coaching: Active or Aftercare 8-12 week programs, more if needed

Transitional Recovery Coaching: Aftercare from a treatment/detox facility, 8-12 week programs or more if needed

Intensive Recovery Coaching: Aftercare from a treatment/detox facility, 8-12 week programs or more - includes all coaching services (sober travel companion not included with this package)



The family plays an important role for a person in recovery but is often neglected by traditional models of recovery.  Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family and maybe equally in the need for recovery support due to extended periods of extreme worry, stress, anger, deteriorating relationships, lack of trust, feelings of powerlessness, loss of family cohesion and codependency. Our family addiction recovery coaches offer a form of strength-based support that includes intensive work in these areas: Understanding Accountability, Behavioral Change, Codependency, Enabling, Action Planning, Family Relationships, Coping Skills, Triggers, Addiction Education, Self-Care, Boundary Setting and more. 


Family Recovery Coaching Services Package:

8-12 week programs suggested. We will customize a support coaching program for your needs for less or additional weeks.



In today's addictions industry and recovery communities, we are seeing soaring success rates for those struggling with pill addictions who are choosing to hire nationally certified sober companions. 


The sober coach companion or transport companion accompanies a client to any event, meeting, business trips, vacation, or court appearances. A newly abstinent person can be challenging for anyone that has received treatment out of state now released to fly or drive back home alone. A certified sober recovery companion will infiltrate himself/herself into your everyday life alongside you to help coach you minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day issues and problems that may become triggers that cause you to relapse. Having a sober companion allows the client the freedom to continue working, continue providing for their family both financially and emotionally and moving on with everyday life without losing everything in an attempt to stay sober alone. Most recovering addicts would tell you the hardest part of recovery isn't staying at a heavily guarded treatment facility but rather being at home with little or no support/guidance to preventing relapse. Rates are based on intensive work that a client needs, days per week up to 24/7 hours. Together we will create a program to suit your needs and level of coaching needed.



A phone or virtual recovery coaching relationship may be established to continue beyond the face-to-face meeting of a client and a recovery coach. Today, many treatment centers are embracing virtual recovery coaching, and linking phone or Skype recovery coaching with clients prior to leaving treatment, as a way to continue the connection to the treatment center, as well as meeting the guidelines of an aftercare program with their addiction counselor. Online virtual coaching will help anyone apply the methods of recovery (e.g. developing a recovery action plan and building recovery capital), whether the client has completed a stay at a treatment center or has relapsed many months after treatment. Clients find the convenience of virtual recovery coaching at home a great way to stay connected, and supported in conjunction with follow-up with their therapist and support meetings. 



One of the most unique dynamics of an addiction recovery coach is that many coaches have often been in recovery themselves. Due to this, they have obtained a wealth of knowledge on how to obtain and maintain recovery, and can even share stories of their own personal journey with you as Cindy Rae Mogil-Cooley has shared her own twenty-three years in recovery from prescription and over-the-counter addictions, now coaching and lecturing to others locally and nationally to find their own recovery health, happiness, and well-being.  We support, listen and guide you through the many paths to recovery.


This unique connection between clients, families, and coaches goes beyond recovery but a new beginning.

 "Paying-It-Forward", sharing with others what you have learned by referring someone else to Prescriptions Anonymous that's reaching out for a way out from prescription and over-the-counter addictions.



Understanding when you need help is vital to your overall health. Having the tools, support, and wisdom you need in order to overcome the obstacles of recovery are critical. Ask us about our 8-12 week recovery package service rates and individualized rates based on intensive work needed, travel/event companion, spot "one-time" coaching and additional recovery requests.


Having the help you need will put you on a faster track to overcoming any obstacles so that you can fully recover from pill addictions, relapse triggers and get your life back on track.



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Recovery is not something you find, it's something you create



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