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Cindy created her website www.prescriptionsanonymous.com for prescription, over-the-counter addiction and other cross-addictions for individuals and families in either active or in recovery. She guides others toward recovery through support, sharing their stories, where to find rehabilitation facilities, including addiction recovery coaching services and sober companion transport. From 2001-2003; Cindy was a lobbyist in Atlanta, Georgia, Washington DC and Alexandria, Virginia in support of electronic monitoring systems to be used for controlled dangerous substances requiring data to be transmitted in an electronic format prohibiting unauthorized individuals who receive the data from providing the information to anyone else. She continues her efforts by becoming certified as an addiction recovery coach both locally and nationally. She continues to speak out on controlled substance addiction and was published in 2001 “Swallowing a Bitter Pill." Her second edition to be released on November 2019. Pre-orders for her second edition can be purchased through this website on the contact page or email.

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Information provided on Prescriptions Anonymous is intended to support, educate and locate resources for recovery treatment. We do not replace relationships that exist between site visitor and his/her healthcare professional. The author/founder is not responsible for any consequences resulting from consultation services or information read from this site. We encourage anyone seeking help to speak to your primary healthcare provider or treatment recovery facility before engaging in any form of self-treatment.