Prescriptions Anonymous; Medication Addiction Recovery from controlled substance Prescriptions, Over-The-Counter, and Alcohol Addiction is a Nationally Certified Recovery Coaching Practice. Medication addiction is a complicated disease which is why our personalized, high-quality recovery coaching services will guide you step-by-step toward lasting recovery long after detox stabilization treatment.  Our team of expert professionals collectively has more than 40 years of personal and professional experience is committed to making your life whole again. Prescriptions Anonymous is based in Naples, Florida, we can now coach worldwide thanks to our virtual programs.

The creation of our personal client-centered, goal-driven coaching practice was developed with great passion, focus, and dedication. Our team will develop an aftercare action plan program designed for your particular set of circumstances proven to be successful.  The idea is to provide you with a framework and structured action plans to follow to ensure you continue to progress and move forward in your recovery long after you complete our coaching program.

We believe that all of our clients are unique individuals who hold the ability to lead successful, fulfilling lives. Our approach to prescription, over-the-counter, and alcohol addiction offers traditional (12 step) and non-traditional addiction recovery programs proven to be extremely effective, especially in long-term relapse prevention. Our team is committed to assisting our clients and family members with their growth to rediscover their sense of self-worth, restoring hope and joy in their lives once again while rebuilding broken relationships.

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Cindy Mogil-Cooley NCRC, NCFC

Prescriptions Anonymous Founder, Author, Rx/OTC Speaker

Nationally Certified Medication Addiction Recovery Coach

Nationally Certified Families in Recovery Coach

Nationally Certified Medication Addiction Coach specialist Cindy Mogil-Cooley has focused her life passion on improving lives affected or afflicted with prescription and over-the-counter addictions. She currently serves as Founder/Director of Prescriptions Anonymous a nationally certified coaching practice whose mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care that will guide individuals toward empowered lifelong addiction recovery and improved quality of life and wellness. As such, Mogil-Cooley plays an integral role in the life of her clients as a Medication Recovery Coach, Families in Recovery Coach, Sports Athlete Recovery, Intervention, Substance Abuse Case Manager, and relapse prevention coaching. Her practice is built upon her personal experience attributes of passion, compassion, advocacy, objectivity, and honesty. Specializing in medication addiction transitions and post aftercare treatment, Mogil-Cooley is ever-committed to assuring that those whom she is entrusted with are motivated and committed to conquering their addiction recovery challenges and improving life-changing goals. After having successfully embraced medication addiction recovery of her own in 1997, Mogil-Cooley has tactfully combined her empathy and passion for social recovery change with her admirable experience and credentials. This combination has equipped her to provide quality coaching in a manner that motivates individuals to achieve their full potential, return to a level of functioning that will provide them with great self-worth, and conquer the stigma and shame that generally arise when individuals seek recovery support.

Mogil-Cooley attended Pennsylvania State University and University of Maryland undergraduate studies in Psychology. She formed the Women’s Crisis Center the first support group network for date rape in 1980 while attending Pennsylvania State University. Mogil-Cooley formed the first national support groups for pill addiction in 1998 formed in 35 states named “Prescriptions Anonymous”.  Mogil-Cooley has been published and interviewed in multiple media journalists, radio, healthcare magazines, and TV. Her new second edition novel released 11/2019 “Swallowing A Bitter Pill, How Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drug Abuse is Ruining Lives-My Story" Her first novel was published in 2001 was nominated for best non-fiction self-help book in its category.


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Athletes Recovery Coach

Randy Grimes a former professional football player whose career spanned 10 years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Grimes launched “Athletes in Recovery,” a program designed to help athletes of all levels find treatment for addiction and mental health while offering recovery coaching services for a current addiction and post aftercare recovery support. Due to the success of Athletes in Recovery, Randy has partnered with the NFL, NHL, Gridiron Greats, After The Impact Fund, MLB, The Jockeys’ Guild, MMA, and a host of collegiate programs to bring further awareness and treatment services to professional and collegiate athletes and their families. As a result, 100s of former professional and collegiate athletes have since been treated. Randy’s passion does not end with athletes; he is committed to helping all families find balance and peace of mind.

 Randy Grimes spent 20+ years battling an addiction to Opioid pain killers while treating career-related injuries. He now speaks at events nationwide using his inspirational story of recovery and his 10+ years in the addictions industry to help victims of drug and alcohol abuse. As a Recovery Coach, Interventionist, and founding advocate at Athletes In Recovery in 2012, Grimes believes that “when families get well, addicts get well.” Randy has performed countless interventions across the U.S. and in five countries—bringing hope and healing when all seemed lost. Randy has been an exemplary ambassador and example of the power of professional sports athlete treatment.

Randy is regularly a commentator on numerous national TV networks and media including NFL Network, Anderson Cooper, Father Albert, CNN, Fox Sports, MSNBC, Fox News, SiriusXM Sports, New York Times, New York Daily News, Sports Illustrated, and countless others. His “Never Give Up” attitude translates from the gridiron to recovery. On his own recovery, Grimes states: “God didn’t open the gates of heaven and let me in...He opened the gates of Hell and let me out!”


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Board Certified in Family Medicine

Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

Dr. Parish; Board Certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine. He received his medical degree in 1988 from the University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine. Originally from Kentucky now resides and practices in Naples, Florida.

 Dr. Parish served as the Chief Medical Officer and Addiction Services Clinical Officer at Community Health Center in Tennessee. He also formed and developed an outpatient addiction services program including Medication Assisted Treatment and served on the legislative committee to write the first outpatient buprenorphine guidelines for the State of Tennessee. Dr. Parish has clinical and healthcare leadership experience spanning three decades specializing in addiction medicine, primary care, and urgent care.

He presently serves as a treatment expert for the SAMHSA funded Opioid Response Network team in the State of Florida. Dr. Parish has a strong interest in and advocates for primary care integrated with behavioral health/psychiatry in the evaluation and treatment of substance use disorders. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and an active member of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry.

Dr. Parish provides Addiction Medicine services to patients in the outpatient clinic. His approach to evaluation and treatment of persons with substance use disorders is informed by the interdisciplinary model that looks at the interconnection between (biopsychosocial model) biology, psychology, and socio-environmental factors.
He believes each patient has a story that must be heard and understood to help develop a plan of action toward achieving his/her goals.


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Certified Intervention Professional

Marc Kantor was raised on Long Island, New York. In 1996 he graduated from American University in Washington, D.C. where he lived for 22 years working in commercial real estate.

Kantor recovered from drug addiction and alcoholism in 2004 at the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, California. In 2013 he devoted his time training as a professional addiction interventionist and earned his Credentials as Certified Intervention Professional (CIP). While still working in commercial real estate he found he could only commit limited time to interventions.

Kantor officially exited his career in commercial real estate in 2018 to pursue a more personally fulfilling career in addiction intervention and recovery coaching. In 2018 he relocated to South Florida with his wife of 20 years and their teenage daughter, where he started South Florida Intervention which offers individualized solutions for families and organizations struggling with the devastating effects of addiction. According to Kantor, he spent the last two years of his commercial real estate career listening to his loud and nagging inner-voice telling him he desperately needed to make changes. Succumbing to “the voice” is the best thing I ever did he says.

Marc has previously held Board of Directors positions for Active Minds, which provides mental health support for thousands of college students at 500 individual campuses, and Crisis Link, a crisis and suicide prevention hotline for Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Kantor is committed to supporting families and professional organizations by educating people about addiction and develop action plans to reunite families into a healthy environment. Marc writes frequently about addiction recovery offering hope to thousands of families and individuals still suffering from the disease of addiction. Marc Kantor is a gifted and entertaining public speaker who openly shares his own decade-long story of prescription pill addiction and alcohol. While addiction is a life-threatening disease, he strikes a perfect balance between engaging audiences and communicating the seriousness of the ongoing drug epidemic which is destroying many small American communities.

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Swallowing A Bitter Pill Book Cover Art

Swallowing A Bitter Pill: 2019 second edition now available for purchase. 

Cindy Mogil-Cooley's story of addiction to prescription and over-the-counter drugs, treatment rehabilitation, relapse, and current long-term recovery since 1997.